Unicorn Watercolor Paint Style - Magical Mystical Unicorn Hoodies Sweatshirt

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Women Watercolor Paint Style Unicorn Hoodies Sweatshirt  

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Unicorns are beloved mythical animals that resemble a horse and are known to have one single horn at the top of their head. The Unicorn has appeared in ancient Mesopotamian artworks and was also mentioned in very early Chinese & Indian mythology.

The mythical origin of the Unicorn itself is actually from Asia despite its popularity in European folklore. The earliest mention in writing of the Unicorn creature is said to have been from the historian Cestias (c.400 B.C.E.) who wrote Greek literature.

Some legends have said that if you drink from the horn of this magical animal that you will live free from disease and illness. Cups that were allegedly made of Unicorn horns were highly sought after in the Middle Ages. But, were these real Unicorn horns? Some speculators believe that they were actually horns of rhinoceroses. At one point in time Unicorn horns were worth more than gold! Did you know that in 1971 the Lake Superior State University in Michigan has issued permits to hunt unicorns? Do you believe in Unicorns?

Myth or not, it is evident that the Unicorn has made a giant impact on history throughout the globe.

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