Stainless Steel Dragon Claw Ring 316L Stainless Steel Silver

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  • Men's Stainless Steel Dragon Claw Ring 316L Stainless Steel Silver 

  • Magical & mysterious creatures in mythology have been around forever and play just an important part in stories as the gods and goddesses do! Elves, trolls, unicorns, mermaids, dragons, fairies and even vampires are just a few of these creatures who have been passed down to us through years of mythology & story telling. These beings have captured our attention and have fascinated us for hundreds of years. Books, cartoons, movies, camp fire tales are all examples of where the influence of mythological creatures have been shown or spoken about. Now you can keep the spirit of the dragon alive and well, by wearing this ring. This ring has been styled and influenced by the Arthurian tales & Norse Sagas! 

Size: Adjustable 

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