Celestial Sun & Moon Pendant Necklace

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Celestial Sun & Moon Pendant Necklace

The sun and moon, either side by side or in a yin and yang figure, represent the balance between opposite forces.Throughout different myths, the sun can be represented as a woman. In some the sun is represented as a man. Same goes for the moon. The moon is a woman in some cultures, or a feminine being, and is a masculine being in other cultures. The main point however is they both universally represents the flow of time as it embodies the different cycles. The different phases of the moon embody immortality, eternity and even the dark side of nature herself. The sun is symbolic of the mind and intellect.




1. 100% Brand New And High Quality.
2. Material: Alloy,Glass 
3. Color:  Black, Silver
4. Chain Length: 23.62inch
5. Pendants size:1.1*1.41 inch
6.  Pendant glass Diameter: 0.98 inch 

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