Magical Writing Grimoire (Hardcover) Book by Lisa Marie Basile

Magical Writing Grimoire (Hardcover) Book by Lisa Marie Basile

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Part guided journaling practice, part magical grimoire, The Magical Writing Grimoire explores the transformative power of ritual and writing, showing you how to incorporate writing as a magical tool to live a ritualistic life, create healing, manifest your visions, set intentions, and amplify spell-casting. .

The Magical Writing Grimoire approaches writing as an inclusive, adaptable, and spiritual act. You will learn how to combine writing with ritual and magic for self-discovery, shadow work, setting intentions, living mindfully, manifestation, and healing or releasing. You will also be guided in how to create a personal grimoire--a magical book of rituals, musings, ideas, spells, and intentions. . Each chapter contains rituals alongside writing prompts and poetic wisdom.

You'll work shadow work, archetypes, nature, bibliomancy, dreams, automatic writing, moon phase journaling and candle magic. . Whenever and wherever you are, word magic is with you. During times of chaos or pain, or simply when you need a cosmic boost, writing can help. Healers, therapists, and magical practitioners have long incorporated writing in their practices. A 5.3" x 8.7" Hardcover book with 176 pages

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