Black Vampire Bat Ring Adjustable Gothic Unisex Jewelry

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Metal Alloy Bat Ring with Comfortable Elastic Band 

Vampires, the blood suckers of the night! Vampires are terrifying creatures that originated long, long ago in folklore from Eastern Europe. Our common depiction of a Vampire or Vampyre includes a horrific looking undead man or woman who has long sharp fangs as teeth, usually wearing a cape and could possibly have glowing eyes! Vampires use humans as prey, and need to feed on humans for sustenance by consuming their blood. These wicked creatures generally live forever and do not age. Vampires also have a long time association with bats. Their eyes can put you in a trance and hypnotize you into following their commands. The only proper way to kill these creatures is a stake through the heart, and as told for many years - vampires hate garlic so be sure to use that to ward them off. 


Type: Ring
Material: Alloy
Color: Black
Size:US Size 6-9
Quantity: 1 Pc.

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