Vulcan - Roman god associated with destructive fire & volcanoes

🔥Vulcan - Roman god associated with Fire & volcanoes 

🇮🇹Vulcan was worshipped by the ancient Romans and there was a festival set in honor of him called Volcanalia which was historically held on August 23. During the festival ancient Roman families would throw fish into a fire as a way of honoring this deity and giving him an offering.

🧨He was commonly invoked during rituals that involved fire. Since Vulcan was believed to be somewhat of a destructive god, his temples were found outside of major cities. According to Roman mythology he was the father of Caeculus, the founder of Praeneste which is modern day Palestrina, Italy. We have historical accounts of Vulcan being mentioned by Servius in the 4th-Century.

🌋Today we can think of Vulcan as a patron god of metallurgy, forge, artisans and blacksmiths. According to mythology it is said that Vulcan was so crafty, he was able to marry the goddess Venus who ruled over love and sexual desire. Legend tells that his name originates due to where he was brought up beneath Mt. Etna, a volcano on the island of Sicily. 

Photo: 🌋🔥Vulcan (Greek: Hephaestus), god of fire and metalwork. From the Honors (Los Honores) tapestries of Bernard van Orley, c. 1520

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