✒Thoth - Ancient Egyptian god of Magic, Wisdom, Moon & Writing

✍Thoth is one of the most well-known ancient Egyptian gods. He rules over magic, wisdom, writing & the moon. Thoth was worshipped primarily in Lower Egypt from the Predynastic period up until the Ptolemaic Period. (c.6000 – 3150 BCE through 323-30 BCE)

🇪🇬What this means is that the Thoth has been worshipped longer than any other ancient god in any civilization across the world. Known as a god of writers, it is common for those who believe(d) in him to leave a drop of ink out in his honor before writing any new work. Thoth is usually depicted with the head of an ibis bird, and sometimes with a lunar disc above his head.

🌜Mythology tells us that Thoth was born from the seed of Horus, and through the forehead of Set. Horus and Set are the perfect combination of chaos, and order thus making their child Thoth the balance that the Ancient Egyptian world needed. Thoth is notably associated with Seshat, a female goddess of writing & books.