The Ancient Art of Storytelling


The Ancient Art of Storytelling - myths and beyond


Storytelling is in fact an ancient art, and is one thing we all have in common. Stories of all kinds have been documented throughout our world history in caves, on rocks, papyrus, paper, on trees, wood carvings and passed down through oral traditions.

We tell stories with our families, we share bed time stories with our children, hear them on the television, in movies, on the radio - they are everywhere. Stories give us insight to our own history and they also help to shape our future. Some stories are so significant that they have been retold over and over for thousands of years.

Tales of mythologies and personal stories and experiences are powerful because they teach us, they entertain us and they simply make us think. They help us figure out who we are, who our ancestors were, and possibly even who we want to be! The Ancient Art of Storytelling is a part of every culture on this earth, and stories help us stay connected with each other and in tune with ourselves. In some myths you will learn of heroes, villains, mythical creatures and may feel connected to some of those beings. This section of our website is dedicated to writers brave enough to share their own stories with us on connections to some deities you may have learned about on this website or have known of for a very long time.

Connections to certain gods and goddesses are not uncommon, and some people appreciate and enjoy the experience of the bond. This is an important aspect of spirituality, as these links to the past help us with spiritual growth and development. Have you ever been inspired or felt connected to a god or goddess? Do you feel a special tie or attachment to your ancestry and roots, or do you feel connected to deities from other cultures?

We hope you enjoy the stories of the independent writers who are featured on this page. 

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More stories coming soon!

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