Pantheons of Mythologies

Chamber of the Gods by Giuliano Romano
Chamber of the Gods by Giuliano Romano

The Importance of Pantheons 

Pantheon is a word that originated in Greece. The meaning of this word is: to honor the gods. The word pantheon can also describe the group of gods or goddesses for any specific culture or region. Pantheons are often used to describe the gods of polytheistic religions & mythologies. Why are pantheons important? Pantheons are important because they are part of our human history no matter who you are, or where you are from. They are part of our world history and our own ancestral and cultural identities. The folklore and stories of the deities and people before us can often give us a sense of who we are as individuals and as a human race. There are tons of pantheons from every continent and they spread far and wide across thousands of miles of land and sea. There are easily over 20 pantheons, but in reality there are many more. Some of the ones you may have heard of include Greek, Celtic, Egyptian, Norse, or Hindu. But did you know that there are also: Chinese, Native American, Inca, Japanese, and African pantheons? Below you will find some stories regarding explanations of various pantheons. Please note: This section is always under construction as new information is being added daily! Thank you.

Celtic Pantheon

Norse Pantheon

Greek Pantheon

Egyptian Pantheon

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