Pan Gu - Created by the forces of Yin & Yang - Chinese god associated with creation

☯️Pan Gu - Created by the forces of Yin & Yang - Chinese god associated with creation 

🧬Pan Gu is a deity that is associated with the creation of the world and life. According to Chinese mythology and folklore Pan Gu himself was created by the driving forces and energies of yin and yang. He was the first living creature and creator. The legend says that many, many years ago before there were any life forms in existence, there was only one single primordial egg. Inside of this giant egg entity was the opposite forces of yin and yang.

🥚The two forces of energy trapped inside of this egg were at one time chaotic, and the masses of energy combined and created the god Pan Gu. Pan Gu appeared to be a giant with horns and fur. The legend says that he slept for 18,000 years and one day when he suddenly woke, he awoke to complete darkness. His surroundings were disturbing as he could see only darkness and hear only silence. Over time he sacrificed himself to create the world as we know it. Because of Pang Gu, and his strength of cracking the primordial egg - we now have a vivid and colorful world. He worked hard to create everything that we know, according to the lore.

☀️Some believe that when he died his left eye turned into the sun, his right eye was the moon. The clouds were his breath, and his hair and beard became the stars. His limbs, hands, feet - those are what we call mountains. The blood that was in his body are now our rivers. His skin was turned into fertile land, and his bones are our precious gems and minerals. 

🤔As always, there are variations to many of these stories of creation myths, so keep that in mind. 

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