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Myths and Beyond is a USA based multi-purpose educational community website dedicated to mythology. We serve many purposes, but our main goal is to keep the art of myths and story telling alive. We aim to achieve that goal by carrying mythology related products in our gift shop, featuring talented artists from around the world, and sharing tales of different gods, goddesses and pantheons from every type of mythology. This website will always be under construction as new information is added daily.

The idea that we had in mind came to be from a conversation among friends, and now here we are. As independent students and lovers of mythology we felt it was important to share this passion with our growing community. Throughout history mythology has made an impact on people everywhere. We feel it is extremely important to pay our respects to those who lived before us, and keep the folklore alive for those who will be here after us. Our mission here is to keep these stories and cultures alive. At some points in history, and even still today parts of mythology are used for spiritual and religious purposes. In more ancient times many of our own ancestors were shamed, (and worse) for believing in much of the lore you will find throughout this website. Myths and Beyond hopes to keep the magic of mythology alive for many years to come. 

By working together as a community we can equally accomplish a common goal of NEVER forgetting the old ways... 


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