🏝Kāne - Ancient Hawaiian God of Creation


📖Ancient Hawaiians had a diversity of beliefs in regards to their own deities. It is no secret that every type of mythology usually starts with primordial beings. Each culture, including Polynesian/Oceanic has their own version of creation myths. The Ancient Hawaiians at one time believed that all humans originated from major gods, Kāne (Kah-neh) being one of them. Kāne is a god associated with creation, life, dawn and the sun & sky. He represents the element of air, and is associated with the colors red and white.


🧱In the legend of Kāne, it says that in the beginning of time, there was nothing but a primordial darkness named Po. Po was like a black hole, chaotic & never ending. Kāne was also a primordial being who recognized he was separate entity from Po. Kāne escaped the darkness of Po and freed himself. This then led the other main ancient Hawaiian gods (Lono, Ku and sometimes Kanaloa) to do the same. Kāne, highest of the major gods, being a god life he helped to create the first demi gods and human beings. With the assistance of Lono & Ku they gathered red clay from different corners of the world, spit in a jar and formed the body of the first man who is said to have resembled Kāne himself.


🗿Kāne is one of many ancient deities that was worshipped by the Hawaiians. In fact, the Hawaiians believed in a variety of gods and goddesses up until about 200 years ago when missionaries arrived on the Hawaiian Islands. These ancient stories show us that for many years the people who inhabited the islands believed that they were descendants of the gods they worshipped. They also felt that each family had their own aumakua (personal god) for protection.

🎨Art by: estria - Deviantart