🐍Jurupari was a god of the Tupi people of the Amazon, in Brazil. This South American deity is known as an evil deity, being in charge of all things that deal with the darkness. This is due to his story in South American mythology. Part of his legend entails that he had shapeshifting abilities and was a god of men. He is worshipped by men and is known to be a god called upon to maintain traditions and help boys transition into manhood.

🌧🌳Since he is an evil spirit, Jurupari is a jungle demon who shapeshifts and takes many animal forms By doing this, he is able to easily trick humans into coming near him. A gruesome part of his story is that he lures children and tricks them during the night which causes sickness and night terrors.

🌎The first ever Jurupari was a young boy who was born to the first woman named Amaru. This was during the time of creation. When Juruparia was born, he had no mouth, so he could not eat or talk. One of the first men, Exhaler, blew wind all around him, and this appeared to have given nourishment to Jurupari which helped him grow.

😈One day the creator god, Son of the Bone, asked the boy exactly what kind of creature he was. Are you a fish, an animal of some sort? A human? Each question passed and the boy said no each time until the Son of the Bone asked if he was a Jurupari. The boy nodded his head yes, and suddenly his mouth appeared which he opened wide and let out an enormous roar.

🤔The stories behind what else Jurupari did can be considered a bit graphic. We plan to write more about him on our website in the near future!