Inti - Sun god of the Inca Empire

☀️Sun worship was an important part of the Inca culture in western South America. There were temples dedicated to sun worship as portrayed in the photo here. Sun worship took place especially during the solstice each summer. Inti was the main sun god worshipped by the Incas and it’s said that white llamas were brought as offerings of food dedicated to the god. Inti was worshipped all throughout the Inca Empire and many believed he was one of the original ancestors of all Inca people.

🌑☀️He was known as a generous god, but if you angered him he would show his chaos and madness through the solar eclipses. If a solar eclipse took place the ancient Inca people would make sacrifices to appease his anger. Inti was a patron god of empires and warriors.

☀️🌛Inti, god of the sun was naturally married to the goddess of the moon, Quilla. Sun worship was so critical to the Inca culture that there was a giant temple made strictly for that purpose.

🧐🧐This temple, the religious structure stands today and is called Coricancha (Qorikancha). Coricancha is located in the capital of Cusco, and this temple of the Sun is a sacred site which was the most important temple of all the Inca Empire. Normally you would be able to visit it, but as of now it is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.