Featured Artists of Myths & Beyond

Mythological art and art throughout history give us hints at what life was like for our ancestors. Art has so much meaning in this world – think of the colors, symbols, mediums.  When we see various works of art throughout the centuries we are able to peak in the past as if the art work is a time capsule. We are able to understand the thoughts, feelings, and ways of life of those before us. Rewinding time through art is something that can actually be beneficial for our future. When we look into the past we are able to obtain knowledge and feel inspired about the world around us. Art in mythology gives us a better understanding of the stories told to us via oral traditions, or through books. Visuals are important and because of  hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, runes and other various forms of non-verbal communication we are able to dig deep into the history of our human race, spiritualties and mythologies.

Our planet has a rich history of various eras of industrialization, civilization, social advancement, technological advancement, space age, atomic age, machine age, and more. But one subject that makes this list and helped define us was the Art throughout history. Think of the Renaissance. Without art, there wouldn't have been a Renaissance era along with the rest of the artistic movements from the previous civilizations. Studying crafts and artwork from the past can help us understand the evolution of humanity. It helps us understand how things were, or why things changed. Art assists our societies in evolving in a very positive way.  Without art in our lives, there wouldn't be any visual aids of the people before us. Can you imagine that? No visual representations of what our past civilizations were like. Please check out these AMAZING artists below whose work is very closely related to our main theme here - mythology! They are extremely talented and we've been excited to share their work with you. 

Thomas Musvit Paintings

Viking Ship Thomas Musvit Paintings

Sprial Fae Accents

Spiral Fae Accents

Kipsworld Art 

Last Erinyes - Kip Mussat Artist Kipsworld Art


Esu Laume

 Esu Laume

Sacred Wolf Divination

Sacred Wolf Divination - Wood Burning Art and Custom Crystal Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Berserkbörn Crafts

Berserkbörn Crafts - Chicago Based Norse Pagan Art - Myths and Beyond