☁️Dievs, also known as Deivas or Debestevs was a sky god worshipped by ancient Baltic tribes. From what I have learned it is nearly impossible to find any reliable art of physical features of this ancient sky god.

🌌It's said that Deivas, powerful god of the sky, associated with horses was married to Laima – the goddess of human fate. Legends say that Deivas ruled over his own land and farmstead in the skies above and was a deity specifically related to farmers here on our Earth. 

🧙‍♂️Some stories say that he was dressed in silk clothing and appeared as a young man who often carried a shining sword. He had shapeshifting abilities as many gods do, therefore when he appeared to humans he would at times be disguised as an elderly person.

🏳Some believe him to be a creator god, and this may have to do with Christian influence. He was not a creator of all things, but a creator of values, morals and characteristics of humans.

🐎Dievas was a god of not only the sky, and morals, but also of horses and it is believed that he could be seen riding through the skies in his chariot drawn by two steeds. Ancient Baltic people firmly believed that horses were a gift from Dievas.


🖤Being a sky deity it is no surprise he also had connections, and maybe even a huge crush on the sun goddess Saule. There are variations of that.. Some think he was a brother to her, a husband, or maybe just an associate.  Let your imagination and research decide for you! Both Dievas and Saulė were celebrated during Rasa the Summer Solstice festival.

Art by: Šarūnas Leonavičius