Deity Experience with Hecate

My first experience was from the Roman Hecate. I was Living in south Jersey at the time. I was around 11 or 12 years old and in a Catholic school. I frequently struggled with bullies, my (now previous) religion, parents, peers and life in a wide variety of ways.

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She first came to me in a dream.  I was in the parking lot at school during recess, we used it as a playground. In the dream I was just wandering aimlessly. I walked through a crowd and saw a girl, not much older than me, by the trees. She was carrying a staff with a torch atop it. She was wearing a red ancient Roman dress, had keys and a dagger on her belt. I approached her and she told me to follow her. Willingly and curiously, I followed. She brought me between trees at an exit of the lot, across the street and through the woods. There seemed to be a clearing, but instead of it being to a beach or a part of the town, it was a lake, and it most definitely wasn’t New Jersey.

Hecate welcomes me, and then handed me a key and asked me to join her. I asked her quite intrigued, “To join you  for what?”. ”Your Path,” she told me.  “Back to your true self, and your greatest power”.

When she handed me the key, she told me I’d know what to do when the time was right. Then I woke up. 

I did eventually do research, to find out who she was.. which then lead me down researching witchcraft. Though, in the more immediate sense, I got up, ready and went to school!

Signed by,

Kris. C

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