Danu ~ Celtic Mother Goddess, Associated with Wisdom, Water, Wind and Fertility

Danu is a goddess of the Celts, one that is quite famous despite there not being many stories about her. She is the mother goddess in Celtic mythology and is the creator of the Tuath Dé Danann, which means “Tribe of the Goddess Danu”.

Danu is associated with water, fertility, wind and wisdom. Some say that this warrior & motherly goddess is also associated with fairies and perhaps created them.  In Ireland there are still places named in honor of the goddess Danu. 

Have you ever heard of the Paps of Anu? The Paps of Anu are breast shaped mountains in County Kerry, Ireland. The significance of the name Anu, is in correlation to none other than the ancient mother goddess Danu (sometimes called Anu) herself. Being the mother of the gods and Celts it seems only fitting that such a spectacular view be named after her! Danu helped to nourish the original Irish inhabitants and because of her guidance they were able to become very skilled in music, magic, craftsmanship and poetry. Her name is said to mean “river” or “flowing one”, and this is why we associate her with water. 

Sometimes in different works of art you will see Danu depicted holding a cauldron full of overflowing water. The name Danu is often linked to the Danube River in Europe which flows from the Black Forest in Germany, runs through 10 countries and makes its way all the way out to the Black Sea. There is also the River Don in Scotland, which is said to have a name connection to goddess Danu. If you are seeking nourishment, guidance, and the strength of a mother – you can call on Danu. Danu reminds us that we are able to achieve our own dreams and to create our own destiny. 

🖌Art by: Radmer Lenasch - Fine Art America