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Magical & mysterious creatures in mythology have been around forever and play just an important part in stories as the gods and goddesses do! Elves, trolls, unicorns, mermaids, dragons, fairies and even vampires are just a few of these creatures who have been passed down to us through years of mythology & story telling. These beings have captured our attention and have fascinated us for hundreds of years. Books, cartoons, movies, camp fire tales are all examples of where the influence of mythological creatures have been shown or spoken about.

11 Mythological Creatures That Reveal Humanity's Deepest Fears

Mythical creatures are important throughout our human history and mythology because they play different roles in these stories. Had it not been for them (the centaurs, dwarfs and ogres) many of these stories, may be different and may have altered our current state of tradition in correlation to books, film and pop culture in general. Think of Harry Potter for example. There are tons of mythical creatures referenced in those movies and books. Ghosts, goblins, unicorns, dragons, trolls, and even a three headed dog? Sound familiar? Think: Cerberus!

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 Every culture throughout the world has their own mythical creatures. Tales of ugly monsters, beautiful sirens, humans who are half animal and possess supernatural abilities; these are common traits for creatures of mythology.  Why have mythical creatures been such a big part of our culture? Maybe it is the fact that they give us something to believe in. Something unexplained and extraordinary that will forever fascinate our hearts and our minds.

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Mysterious characters and components have the ability to bewitch us in ways that we may not even fully understand. We all love suspense and mystery, it is no wonder why we have such a passion for mythical creatures and even go as far as dressing like them for Halloween, or putting designs of them on our notebooks and coffee mugs. They give us a representation of our own selves in a way.  Do you believe in Unicorns? We do! Are you flowing like a mermaid? Strong like a Minotaur? Have layers like an onion.. oops we mean OGRE?! See where this is going?

 It’s important to always keep the magic of the creatures in folklore alive, so it’s a subject that we had to discuss here at Myths and Beyond. Some of the most famous creatures of mythology are probably trolls, goblins, unicorns, dragons, and mermaids.  There are different origins of each of these creatures. They could have been easily influenced by animals and by the creativity and imaginations of our ancestors. The links below will go into depth a little bit more about each of the creatures of mythology.

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The Dragon of Wawel Hill - Poland

Kappa - Japanese

Yūrei - Japanese



The Raven - Native American - Pacific Northwest



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