Berserkbörn Crafts

Berserkbörn Crafts was established December 2019 by Nick Hoffman (Age 28). Nick has always been into art, (drawing, painting, making music). In his free time he plays guitar, enjoy fires and drinks with friends and family. Nick is Norse Pagan, an animal lover and motorcycle fanatic.

 Nick has studied many pre-Christian cultures and beliefs from European backgrounds, (primarily Scandinavian/Germanic ways). He is a frequent gym goer, and participates in competition lifting. Nick is also extremely dedicated to his family and friends. 

Berserkbörn Crafts was created due to the devotion of Nick's beliefs. He wanted to make rune sets of his own, and that is how it all started. After he made the first set, he showed his family and friends and the requests started pouring in! He uses wood burning tools for larger projects also. Eventually he started carving wood, stone and animal skulls. 

"Creating Berserkbörn Crafts has been challenging and equally interesting". Nick is now expanding into darker areas that include vampires, werewolves, zombies, witchcraft, etc.) He is hopeful that those subjects will fling him into the next chapter of my Berserkbörn Crafts!

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