💘Aphrodite – Greek Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, and desire


Who is Aphrodite? Greek Goddess of Love - MythsandBeyond - Painting by Herbert James Draper
🌹Aphrodite is an ancient Greek goddess who was born near Cyprus. She was also worshipped near Cyprus with private rituals and prayers. In ancient Greek religion she was known as a goddess of fertility.

📚The origin of Aphrodite has many different variations. Homer spoke of her in the Iliad and said that she may be the daughter of Zeus and Dione. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, she was born out of the foamy waters of Paphos on the island of Cyprus. She arose from the foam when Kronus killed his father and threw his genitals in the sea.

🌊Due to this story, she is commonly depicted in art throughout history arising from the sea surrounded by waters and shells. She was not only worshipped by women, but also men, city officials and she did play a role in the politics of ancient Greece. Due to her associations with water, she was also a protection deity for those at sea.
Oil Painting: Herbert James Draper 

Victorian Neoclassical painter
The Pearls of Aphrodite