Amaterasu is a Japanese goddess associated with the sun and divine spirituality. She is known as Queen of the Heaven and queen of the kami. Kami are gods of the Shinto spirituality. The Kami are sacred spirits which take the form of things and concepts. For example the kami may take form as wind, rain, trees, fertility, mountains and so on.


The Japanese believe that humans become kami once they pass away. Amaterasu, associated with kami did not create the universe herself - is still associated with creation which was an attribute she inherited from her father Izanagi. Amaterasu was born from the left eye of her father, and her brother Tsukiyomi (moon deity) was born from the right eye.


🌄 One of the main roles of this marvelous sun goddess is that she illuminates the world and provides sustenance to all creatures on earth. Since she is the embodiment of the sun she represents light, purity, and order. Amaterasu is a reminder to all of us of harmony and justice.


⚖In Ancient Japan they believed that Amaterasu had a major influence on the justice system, and politics, therefore; she is associated with justice and righteousness. Amaterasu is the highest deity in Japanese mythology, and in one of her most famous stories she is described as hiding away in a cave, and eventually coming out to reveal her power to all.

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