Ahti - Chief Ruler ~ Sea Deity

🌊Ahti was a god according to the Finnish people who held many roles. He was a god who displayed healing abilities, had a serious connection with water and was able to use water as a healing property. Ahti, sometimes called Athos is the chief ruler of the seas and lakes.

🐚He was a large bearded being, and his clothing was made of foam. It is said that he sometimes resembles aquatic animals like a walrus, or a seal. Ahti was the father of fish, and with his powers he had the ability to control the way in which they would swim throughout the oceans. A

🐟Ahti, with his shapeshifting abilities was also able to take the shape of a horse and is therefore associated with that animal as well. Some believe that his sacred place was inside of a black cliff, unknown to the outside world.

🍶When humans displeased this god, it was well known that he would cause chaos in waters such as whirlpools to drown them. Other gods in the Finnish pantheon would sometimes call on Ahti for help when it came to catching a particular magic fish.

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